DNC, Day Two: Biden Is Official Dem Presidential Nominee



It’s officially official...former VP Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential nominee. That happened during the traditional roll call of the states at the Democratic National Convention. Interestingly, a woman is grabbing a lot of headlines – Biden's wife Dr.Jill Biden, who headlined the virtual convention's second night.

During her remarks, Dr. Biden said her husband “can help make the U.S. whole again” and lamented the impacts of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and called the U.S. “a divided nation.” She said her husband's "strength of will is unstoppable" and argued that the U.S. needs to restore honest leadership to the White House.

Those joining the chorus? FormerRepublicanSecretary of State Colin Powell, who said Joe Biden “will restore America's leadership and moral authority.” The retired general told the convention that Biden will be a president "we will all be proud to salute."

  • Former Secretary of State John Kerry said President Trump has "bankrupted" everything he inherited from the Obama-Biden Administration. Kerry argued that Trump "breaks up with our allies and writes love letters to dictators."
  • Former President Bill Clinton noted Trump's response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and said the Oval Office should be a "command center," not a "storm center." Clinton’s appearance was not without an interesting footnote, however. While Mr. Clinton has continually tried to minimize his connection with prolific pedophile Jeffrey Epstein ,new pictures have emerged of Clinton getting a neck massage from one of Epstein’s accusers – then, 22-year old Chauntae Davies. Clinton had traveled to Africa with Epstein aboard the so-called ‘Lolita Express.’
  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is clearing up confusion about her moment on night two of the Democratic National Convention. She nominated Bernie Sanders, who threw his support behind Joe Biden in April. Immediately after, she tweeted "If you were confused, no worries!" She says she was asked to second the nomination for Sanders for roll call. She offered her deepest congratulations to Biden ending with "let's go win in November."