Trump: Dems Can't Unite Because They Don't Know How To

Sure, the Democrats are pretty excited about this week’s convention, but President Trump says it won’t do anything to get former Vice President Joe Biden elected. As the virtual convention is underway, Trump first called into “Fox & Friends” to say that Democrats “don't know how to unite.”

Trump also said the biggest opponent he's facing is the media, adding that’s why he's going around the country to multiple battleground states this week – because he had no choice. Meantime, Trump accused Biden of ducking tough questions from reporters. And while that may have been true at the time, Biden and running mate Kamala Harris have since agreed to a sit-down with ABC’s David Muir on Sunday.

Following that interview, Trump spoke at an event in Wisconsin, where he called Biden a "Trojan Horse for socialism." Trump argued those surrounding Biden are tough and smart but the former vice president "has no clue" what he's doing." Trump also accused Biden of having "no enthusiasm."

Source: Fox News/Fox & Friends