The Dems Raise The Curtain On Their Virtual Convention

The nation's first virtual political convention is officially underway – the setting, of course, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. By the end of the four-night event, former VP Joe Biden will officially be the Democratic presidential nominee. All segments at the convention's first night were pre-recorded.

Among the highlights, actress Eva Longoria, opening the convention, who said the coming events will be about uniting America. A group of everyday Americans then read the Preamble to the Constitution and a multi-cultural choir performed the National Anthem.

But really, it really doesn’t matter who spoke last night – and there were several interesting speeches – because former First Lady Michelle Obama literally stole the show as the evening’s headliner. Her impassioned remarks included her argument that that President Trump is "clearly in over his head." She called Biden a “profoundly decent man” who will "tell the truth and trust science."

Other speakers included New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (who stressed that Biden will heal the soul of the nation), former Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich (who said the U.S. is on a path of division and dysfunction) and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (who said the future of American democracy is at stake if Trump is re-elected).

Michelle Obama not only went viral for her speech, but her jewelry last night. During her remarks, Obama wore a necklace that spelled "V-O-T-E." The piece of jewelry was a top trending Google search in the U.S. in the last hour of the event. It’s from ByChari.

Source: C-SPAN