Dr. Oz: Saliva Test Is A Huge Breakthrough

Dr. Oz told the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show that the new Covid-19 saliva test is a huge breakthrough!

"The FDA has approved it (and) this is the kind of testing that makes all of us excited, accurate enough (but) not perfect accurate enough that it's going to be really helpful and everyone will want to get tested," said Dr. Oz.

Noam Laden, who is in for Michael, asked Dr. Oz about the uptick in kids contracting the virus.

"Kids have always been getting Covid (but) the question is are we worried about them getting the virus or are we worried about the complications of the virus. There are more kids that died last year from the flu then from Covid-19," said Dr. Oz.

To hear the full conservation with Dr. Oz check out the podcast below...