Fauci Warns Against "Herd Immunity" Hope, Busts Covid Myths

The nation's top infectious disease expert is shutting down the idea that achieving "herd immunity" is the way past the coronavirus pandemic – because of the numbers needed to achieve it.

In an Instagram interview with actor Matthew McConaughey, Dr. Anthony Fauci said if the virus was allowed to spread to most of the population, the "death toll would be enormous" and called that “totally unacceptable.”

Over the course of the chat, McConaghey – who don’t forget, is also a Professor at the University of Texas – not only to talked about the way forward, but had Fauci answer a number of rumors about the illness. Such as:

Does sunlight kill the virus? Fauci said “It does.”

Does ibuprofen/Advil make the illness worse? Fauci first responded by laughing, then adding, “No – it does not.”

Is it true that Covid lives on surfaces for as long as 72 hours? Fauci said that it does – but explained that there’s not enough of the virus living to get anyone sick. He also reiterated that, as a respiratory illness, the primary mode of transmission is “person to person droplets.”