Republicans, Dems Remain Deadlocked Over New Stimulus Package

Don't be looking for that 12-hundred dollar stimulus check any time soon. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the two sides are “miles apart” on a package to help stimulate the economy. In fact, the two sides haven't met since last Friday and there are no plans to restart talks.

She said there is little reason to meet until Republicans agree to find a middle ground. As she sees it, Democrats have come down from their three-trillion dollar package, offering to cut it by a trillion. She says Republicans haven’t offered to increase their original offer of a one-trillion-dollar package.

Meanwhile, President Trump says he intends to forgive all deferred payroll taxes if he wins another term. Speaking at the White House, the President explained the plan will not have any impact on Social Security, adding they aren't "going to touch" the program. He noted the money will come from the general fund.

Source: CNN