Gov. David Paterson: A Mayor Has Got To Make The Public Feel Safe

Former Governor David Paterson said that if he was mayor the first thing he would make sure that New Yorkers feel safe!

"Number one on my list would be the police department. There are changes we could actually make, it's a re-structuralization that you have to do and that would actually cost more money which we may not have during the pandemic but I think that we have got to make the public feel safe and I think right now the public doesn't feel safe," said Gov. Paterson after Len Berman asked how he would start fixing the city.

Michael asked Gov. Paterson now that Kamala Harris has been named Joe Biden's running mate, how will the Pence/Harris debate go."Mike Pence will hold is own (and) when it comes to debates they are something that you really can't win you just don't want to lose," said Gov. Paterson.

To hear the full conversation with Gov. Paterson check out the podcast below...