Sean Spicer: Biden Will Regret His Choice In Weeks

President Trump's Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer believes that Joe Biden will regret his choice for running mate in weeks!

"My guess is that within three or four weeks Biden is going to regret this and I mean that from a sense that Biden has always wanted the Biden to Obama, the Dick Chaney to George Bush, the Mike Pence to Donald Trump. The Vice President was your partner, that was your supporter, (and) that was there to help you. Kamala Harris is clearly out for herself and she is going to use this opportunity to promote herself and be the nominee in waiting," said Spicer while on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show this morning.

Sean Spicer when then asked what he thought about how the VP debate would go and if Pence would get run over by Harris.

"Mike Pence was a radio host for years, chair of the House Republicans Conference, (and) has been on the floor of the House debating bills so I think to downplay Mike Pence is a mistake," said Spicer.

To hear the full interview with Sean Spicer check out the podcast below...