Dr. Oz: The Country Is Finally Taking The Virus Seriously

Dr. Oz was on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show earlier today to give us an update on the coronavirus pandemic.

"These virus' tend to come back in the fall however I think the country has finally realized that we have to take this seriously like most of the countries around the world who have been able to contain the virus and we are starting to see downtrends now in the some of the Sun Belt states," said Dr. Oz when Michael asked him if he believed that we will have another spike.

Noam Laden, who is in for Len today, asked Dr. Oz why is the CDC willing to except a vaccine that is 50% effective.

"That's the usual amount we except you know these virus' shift pretty quickly we've always had problems keeping up with it so if you trying to make a 100% vaccine you'll never get it out the door," said Dr. Oz.

To hear the full interview with Dr. Oz check out the podcast below...