Trump Defends Germany Troop Withdrawal on Twitter

President Trump is defending his decision to withdraw some American troops from Germany. Taking to Twitter, Trump questioned why the U.S. is “supposed to protect Germany from Russia” when the former pays the latter billions of dollars for energy. He also claims Germany is behind on its two percent fee to NATO.

Trump has faced bipartisan criticism for the move that will see nearly 12-thousand service members reassigned, leaving 25-thousand in country. Nearly half are expected to stay in Europe. More than half will be returning to U.S. bases.

The decision has also angered NATO allies who say it weakens the position against Russia, but they’re going to have to get over it as the Pentagon says the shift is in motion. "Our aim is to implement these moves as expeditiously as possible," Esper told reporters at a briefing. "We could see some moves begin within weeks; others will take longer."

Source: White House