Dr. Gregory Poland Says Coronavirus Vaccine In 6 Months



Dr. Gergory Poland of the Mayo Clinic was on the air with the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show earlier today to talk about the time frame of a coronavirus vaccine, can the virus mutate, and if he is concerned with even deadly virus' that could infect the human race.

"My personal opinion in terms of a licensed vaccine is going to be the winter or later of 2021," said Dr. Poland after Michael asked him when he thinks we can see a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Michael also asked if we should still wear masks and practice social distancing during the winter once we have a vaccine to fight off other potential diseases.

"Where countries have taken masking and distancing seriously flu has essentially disappeared which hasn't happened in modern history," said Dr. Poland.

To hear the full conversation with Dr. Poland check out the podcast below...

Photo Credit: Getty Images