AG Barr Will Be On Very Hot Seat In House Hearing Today

Attorney General William (aka Bill) Barr will be on a very hot seat during a House hearing today. Among other things, he’s expected to vigorously defend President Trump's surge of federal agents into several cities that have been wracked by violence.

Barr will be pressed about his role in clearing a protest in a park across from the White House and also, about the controversial firing of Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. The office is said to be involved in a number of ongoing investigations of Trump associates. And depending on your side of the aisle, Berman’s ouster was either rigged to protect Trump or was nothing.

As for the D.C. park protest, you may recall that last month, tear gas and rubber bullets were deployed to end a peaceful protest, which saw Mr. Trump walking through the park to display a Bible outside a DC church. Barr’s testimony is expected to begin at 10am ET.

Source: CNN