WATCH: Rats Hold Wild Boxing Match In Subway Station While Cat ‘Referees’

Now, this should have been a pay per view fight. A man who was on his way home found the strangest thing happening at the subway station. He witnessed two rats trading blows while a cat sat there and watched from the sidelines.

“I saw those 2 rats running and chasing each other,” said videographer Cheez Goh, who happened upon the bizarre boxing bout while she was returning home from work July 8 in Bedok, Singapore.

In the video, which currently boasts over 250,000 views, the scrappy rats can be seen skillfully pummeling each other’s faces while standing on their hind legs like miniature kangaroos. The footage gets even stranger when a black-and-white feline enters the frame and stops to observe their fun-size jabs and hooks. The clip concludes with the brawlers scurrying their separate ways, presumably frightened off by the unexpected camera operator.