President Trump Pushes For Schools To Reopen

President Donald Trump continued to push for schools to reopen this fall yesterday, despite the surging coronavirus numbers and push back from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. He sat down for an interview with “Fox News Sunday” and covered a few topics, including his relationship with Dr. Fauci.

Trump had cited New Jersey’s death rate for children to support his position and said, “Let the schools open. Do you ever see the statistics for young people below the age of 18? The state of New Jersey had thousands of deaths. Of all of these thousands, one person below the age of 18 — in the entire state."

Not everyone is onboard with reopening schools as Congresswoman Pressley said yesterday that the nation should not be in a rush to reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic and called for Congress to "lead in the absence of this Trump administration."

During the interview, Trump also talked about how the recent statistics regarding COVID-19 cases and deaths are misleading. He went on to say that one of the reasons cases are up is because "we have the best testing in the world."

The President also addressed his relationship with Dr. Fauci and the perceived tension between them. Trump insisted that he and Fauci have “a great relationship,” but claimed that “he was wrong” early in the pandemic by saying it would pass and that Trump’s ban on travel from China was a mistake. He also said that Dr. Fauci is a bit of an "alarmists."

Source: FOX News