Songwriter Alan Menken: I Don't Know How Broadway Will Come Back

Legendary songwriter Alan Menken, who has won 9 Oscars, 11 Grammy Awards, and a Tony Award, talked to "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" about his history writing Disney songs, will Broadway ever come back, and how he has been keeping busy during the pandemic.

"I've been juggling like 8 projects and writing like crazy. I've working on the sequel to Enchanted, a new animated project, and the full version of Hercules that we did in Central Park," said Menken after Michael asked him what he has been up to during the pandemic.

Michael then asked him what he thought the future of Broadway will be.

"I do think post-pandemic the world is gonna look somewhat different but somehow we will get back," said Menken.

To hear the full interview with Alan Menken check out the podcast below...