Judge Rejects Harvey Weinstein’s Settlement Deal

We previously reported that Harvey Weinstein reached a $19-million settlement in two sexual misconduct lawsuits. We told you then that it was pending the approval of the court - and it's now gone down in flames.

While New York state Attorney General Letitia James called the settlement a “win” for every female victim of sexual misconduct, US District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein doesn’t agree. Hellerstein has rejected the preliminary agreement, calling it “phony” in court documents. The judge said Weinstein’s accusers in the class-action settlement were "too broad" to be grouped together.

Douglas Wigdor, who represents six Weinstein survivors, has praised the judge for “swiftly rejecting the one-sided proposal,” maintaining that the terms are “unfair.” The proposed settlement would have provided between $7,500 and $750K to some Weinstein accusers - but Weinstein would also not have to admit any guilt.

Source: USA Today