Congressman Peter King: If The Election Was Held Today Joe Biden Would Win

Long Island Congressman Peter King was on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show today to talk about President Trump's press conference in the Rose Garden, shootings across America, and what would happen if the election was today.

"I think right now if the election was held today Joe Biden would win because so much is going bad in the country such as the riots and the coronavirus. It's Trump running against himself," said King.

Michael asked King how he thought President Trump has done handling the outbreak.

"If he made a major mistake it was early on when he was saying that testing was available but it really wasn't and that it was going to go away quickly. But once you get to March 11th or 12th from then on I think he's done a very good job," said King.

To hear the rest of the conversation with Congressman Peter King check out the podcast below...