Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Making A Pitch For Her Release

Federal prosecutors in New York are asking a judge to throw out Ghislaine Maxwell's proposed bail package – and revealing details about her arrest in New Hampshire on July 2nd. Among them? She wrapped a cell phone in tinfoil to avoid being tracked by police.

As we’ve been telling you, the long-time friend of prolific pedophile Jeffery Epstein has been charged with helping Epstein recruit, groom and abuse underage girls in the 90s. Maxwell's attorneys are asking she be given home confinement with GPS tracking and a five-million-dollar bond. They’re saying her health and safety make the move imperative.

But prosecutors are against her release on bond saying her proposed bail package is "nothing" and believe she will try to flee if released from jail, citing her own wealth and foreign bank accounts. “To the extent the defendant now refuses to account for her ownership of or access to vast wealth, it is not because it does not exist,” they said in court papers, “It is because she is attempting to hide it.” The judge is expected to make a ruling later today. Maxwell has denied all charges.

Source: NBC News