Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman: Maxwell Has To Take A Plea Deal

Famed Defense Attorney and weekly guest of the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show, Jeffrey Lichtman, was on the air this morning to go over the Ghislane Maxwell trial, pardoning Roger Stone, and Prince Andrew getting extradited.

"Ghislane Maxwell will do exactly what they tell her to do and if they are kind enough to let her cooperate and it cuts her sentence from life in prison to 10 years, she'll take it. Does she have a choice?" said Lichtman when Len asked about the trial.

Len also asked Lichtman about the Roger Stone pardoning and if this is okay after being found guilty of seven felonies.

"If there was a problem with this type of thing it would be in the law but it's not in the law so we have to get over it. We all this was a political witch hunt designed to get Donald Trump regardless of what you think of Roger Stone," said Lichtman.

To listen to the rest of the conversation with Jeffrey Lichtman check out the podcast below...

Photo Credit: Getty Images