Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz: Mask Wearing Is A Social Contract

Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz was on the "Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning" show to talk about how to handle awkward situations during corona time.

"The idea of mask wearing is a social contract, it's designed to save society and save each other," said Dr. Saltz when asked by Michael how to handle someone you see outside without a mask.

Noam Laden, who is in for Len, asked Dr. Saltz how this will all play out for his kids 6 months from now.

"Find them ways to socially distance when interacting with friends like Zoom and school comes back it is very important that you help them adjust to the new way of school," said Dr. Saltz

To hear the rest of our conversation with Dr. Saltz check it out below...

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