Trump Ramps Up Pressure To Open Schools With Tweet Threatening Funding Cut

President Trump is ramping up the pressure on schools to reopen in the fall. On Twitter, the President is threatening to cut funding if schools don't open. Citing European countries who are opening schools, Trump claimed Democrats believe opening schools before the election would hurt them politically.

That’s not all – in another tweet, Trump said he disagrees with CDC guidelines on reopening schools. He called them "very tough [and] expensive." The commander-in-chief claimed it's not possible for schools to follow the guidelines.

Interestingly, after that comment, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield came out to say that the guidelines should not be used as a rationale to keep schools closed. Instead, Redfield says they want to help all the schools develop their own unique plan to open safely...and that new guidelines are on the way. But aside from all that? He can't actually cut funding on his own...what he can do is cut or divert pandemic-related funding.

Source: White House