Trump: Coronavirus Will 'Just Disappear'

President Trump says he believes the coronavirus will "just disappear" as cases rise in several states nationwide. In an interview with Fox Business Network, the president maintains that the country will be "very good" with the virus. He said that he also expects a vaccine very soon. As for masks, Trump says he supports wearing them - and points out that he's worn one, adding, "I looked like the Lone Ranger."

Hotspot states like Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas have recently re-shut down businesses to combat the spread. While a number of source have been trumpeting 52-thousand cases reported in the last 24-hours, it’s worth mentioning that in that same 24-hours, 24-thousand Americans have also recovered.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence says the drive to find a vaccine for the coronavirus will see "no compromising safety" on creating and distributing the shot. Speaking with reporters, Pence also suggested that those who have recovered fully from COVID-19 donate convalescent plasma to help treat other patients. Pence also noted that nearly one-million Americans have fully recovered from the virus.