Trump Predicts Big Win In November

President Trump is predicting a big win in November. Taking to Twitter, Trump tweeted that he'll "win this election big" thanks to the vast silent majority. He then slammed Joe Biden, referring to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee as "Sleepy Joe."

Upping the ante, Trump added that “nobody wants a low IQ person in charge of the country.” The President's remarks come as a number of national polls give Biden a double-digit lead over Trump. As we told you before, a New York Times-Siena College poll.

But now? Fox News polls find Biden leading Trump in several swing states, including a 9-point lead in Florida. And according to Fox News, it’s dismal poll numbers that have some operative suggesting Trump might even drop out, rather than lose. Judging by his Twitter feed, at least outwardly, that seems highly unlikely.

Source: White House