Despite Spikes, Pence Says U.S. In "Much Better Place" With COVID

Despite coronavirus spikes in a number of states, VP Mike Pence insists that the U.S. is in a "much better place." During a coronavirus task force briefing – it’s first in two months – Pence called on Americans to embrace guidelines on social distancing.

He also echoed President Trump's claim that more testing is generating more cases. Pence said younger Americans who are testing positive are more resistant to the serious effects of the coronavirus. Along the way, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he's very concerned about the resurgence of the virus in some states.

Pence expressed sympathy for families who have lost loved ones in the ongoing outbreak. He encouraged Americans to "continue to pray," but did not suggest the use of face masks. For his part, President Trump has refused to wear a face mask. He argued that America is "moving forward" and "going back to work."

Source: C-SPAN

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