WH Economic Adviser Says 'No Second Wave' of COVID is Coming

While infection rates rising as states reopen, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says there are no signs that a second wave of coronavirus will happen in the U.S.

Speaking on CNBC, Kudlow said there are hot spots, but they know how to deal with it now. As for those spike, Kudlow notes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending teams to thirteen states to help confront the issue. Kudlow says the U.S. is in a "pretty good situation" in terms of economic recovery following the pandemic.

“There is no second wave coming. It’s just hot spots...we’ve got the testing procedures, we’ve got the diagnostics, we’ve got the PPE,” says Kudlow. “And so I really think it’s a pretty good situation. Actually, I think nationwide the positivity rate is still quite low, well under 10%.” He’s not wrong on that front – according to the CDC, the rate of positive tests is in the single digits.

Source: CNBC