DOJ Files Lawsuit To Stop Publication Of Bolton Book

The wait is over - the Department of Justice has filed a civil lawsuit against former national security advisor John Bolton over information in an upcoming memoir, "The Room Where It Happened.” The book's official release date next Tuesday (aka June 23rd).

The Trump administration says Bolton never completed the prepublication review process and that there’s information in the book that threatens national security. As such, the White House wants to stop the publication of the book and have any copies that have already been sent out disposed of. It also seeks to seize profits from sales.

Thing is? Experts say the horse has essentially left the barn. As in, it’s too late to stop it. “SCOTUS rejected the Nixon administration's attempt to block the publication of the Pentagon Papers,” the A-C-L-U says in a statement. “Government censorship is unconstitutional. Any Trump administration efforts to stop John Bolton’s book from being published are doomed to fail.”

Source: NBC News