Trump: Media Trying To Shame Him Over Upcoming Rally

President Trump is accusing the news media of trying to shame his re-election campaign over his plans to hold a rally in Tulsa Saturday night. Concerns have been raised about holding a large rally in an indoor venue as the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Trump tweeted that the "Far Left Fake News Media" had "no COVID problem" with massive demonstrations following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. He called protesters "Rioters and Looters" and said the attempted, alleged shaming "won't work!" Saturday's event is Trump's first campaign rally since March.

Meanwhile, Trump again pointed to increased testing as the reason for the ongoing rise in confirmed cases. He called testing a "double edged sword - Makes us look bad, but good to have!!!" Trump insisted that testing in the U.S. is "so much bigger and more advanced than any other country" and said his administration has done a "great job on this!"

Source: White House