White House Says There's 100% Chance of Phase Four COVID-19 Legislation

The White House says there is a 100-percent chance that another coronavirus relief package will be signed into law. Speaking on MSNBC, Senior Adviser to the President Kevin Hassett says officials are watching the numbers evolve as states have reopened their economies and then they will decide how to proceed.

Hassett says right now "economists are overstating the negative," but President Trump is optimistic about gains in the third quarter. He added that the current legislation, which pumped more than three-trillion-dollars into the economy, has "built a bridge to July." Once the current funding has depleted, Republicans and the White House will begin discussions with Democrats about a phase four stimulus deal.

Where does the United States stand with COVID-19? At last check, the United States has crossed the threshold of two-million cases across the United States – with just over 113-thousand patients succumbing to the illness – though more than 540-thousand have recovered. Globally, the numbers are just over seven-point-five-million people infected by the virus – with more than 421-thousand dead. On the plus side, more than three-point-five million have recovered.

Source: MSNBC