Trump Promises Change In Policing As Breonna's Law Passes

President Trump says America must keep its law enforcement strong amid unrest over George Floyd's death. Trump called the Minneapolis incident that took Floyd’s life, "eight minutes of horror," after Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for over nearly nine-minutes. Since then, several cities and states across the country have reformed police practices.

On that note, no-knock search warrants are now outlawed in Louisville, Kentucky after police shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her own home as she slept. Taylor was shot to death by Louisville police serving a warrant on Taylor's home in March. It was the wrong address and the actual suspect was already in custody.

The Louisville City Council voted unanimously to ban warrants that allow officers to enter homes without notification. In Taylor’s case, the warrant for Taylor's home had a no-knock clause, but police claim they did knock and announce their presence – something witnesses, including Taylor’s boyfriend – denied.

Source: FOX News