Norman Lear Tells WOR's Len & Michael "He Was A Mixture Of My Father"

Legendary TV writer and producer Norman Lear spoke with the Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning show about his hit shows All In The Family, Good Times, Maude, The Jefferson's, and the animated episode of the remake of his show One Day At A Time on Pop TV.

Michael asked Norman who is Archie Bunker based on? "It was the character on the British show Till Death Us Do Part and my father, he wasn't a bigot but I was very familiar with the points of view," said Norman. He also told us the motivation to get The Jefferson's made was when a Black Panther came to him and asked him why on Good Times the black character had to have several jobs. Norman said that was only part of it and that they where already thinking about making The Jeffereson's

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