Fauci: Coronavirus A 'Double Whammy' On African-Americans

Dr. Anthony Fauci says coronavirus is another example of health disparities in minority communities. In a virtual meeting with I Am Biotech, the nation's leading infectious disease expert said the African-American community in particular is getting hit with a "double whammy."

Fauci pointed to the employment and socio-economic status the population generally falls into, saying jobs of more physical work and interaction put them at a higher risk. Secondly, the black community is more prone to conditions like diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Those underlying factors – also referred to as co-morbid factors – also increase chances of infection – as much as 90%. In the short-term, Fauci expressed the importance of health resource availability in areas with high numbers of minorities. He added erasing the disproportionate aspects will take decades.

Source: Daily Mail