Dems Offer Up Law Enforcement Plan As GOP Prepares Theirs

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the "martyrdom of George Floyd" has invoked peaceful demonstrators to call for the change our country needs. Speaking on MSNBC, Pelosi said members of Congress “take an oath to protect and defend the American people and their safety is a top priority.”

She added that the American people “want Congress to pass laws that to provide liberty and justice for all.” But in her view? Pelosi says President Trump can still do that – if he wishes to take that path. Pelosi says that otherwise, he can continue to "make up slogans for the failures that he has been responsible for."

She and her brethren are calling for sweeping policing reforms after Floyd’s death. The proposed Democratic legislation would impose a federal ban on police chokeholds while setting up a national database to track police misconduct. It would also limit so-called "no-knock warrants."

It appears Republicans have their own plan for police reform. “The Hill” reports GOP lawmakers in the House will try to release their proposal by the end of this week. The effort is being led by the ranking Judiciary Committee member, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. A GOP aide told the Hill it's "troubling" Democrats didn't speak with Republicans about the legislation and the "American people expect" Congress to work together on this topic.

Source: MSNBC