Number Of Coronavirus Cases Is Up, But So Is Testing

There are now more than 110-thousand deaths in the United States from the coronavirus. According to Johns Hopkins University, confirmed cases in the U.S. are approaching two-million, but more than half-million have recovered.

Worldwide, there are over 401-thousand deaths and just over seven-million confirmed cases. But testing is also way up – as in, more than 20-million people have been tested for the virus. Something else to note? The number of recovered, which globally is well over seven-million.

The news isn’t so great in Brazil – where officials have actually stopped releasing numbers. Brazil’s last official numbers, which were released Friday, showed it had recorded nearly 615-thousand infections and over 34-thousand deaths, the third-highest number in the world, just ahead of Italy. Currently, Singapore has the most severe rate with 6,548 cases per million people, followed by Chile and Peru. The United States, now is fourth with 5,724 per million.

Source: Johns Hopkins