Dr. Oz Tells WOR's Len & Michael We Don't Know When It's Completely Safe

Host of the Dr. Oz Show, everyday at 1pm on FOX 5, Dr. Oz himself called into the Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning show to give us a coronavirus update and to talk about the phase one opening of New York City. "The survival rates have been dramatically better and the mortality rates are half of what they used to be," says Dr. Oz.

Len asked Dr. Oz if New Yorkers should be weary of getting back on the subway? "It is a dangerous part of our daily life but with masks and being smart about social distancing will be ok," said Dr. Oz. He went on to say that there are three things that worry him in New York and they are public transportation, public bathrooms, and elevators.

To listen to the rest of Len and Michael's chat with Dr. Oz check it out below...