New Yorkers React to Days of Protests in their Neighborhood

Some residents of Manhattan are upset with how police are treating protesters.

More than 200 people were arrested on Thursday night for breaking curfew, even though the protests appeared to be violent.Some New Yorkers told WOR’s Alice Stockton Rossini the protests have to be allowed to continue because they’re confronting racism.

“Finally our eyes have to be open to it,” one New Yorker said.

The protests were plagued early in the week by acts of violence and looting.Some have grown tired of it.

“I think the most depressing thing is when you walk down Madison, Lexington it looks like it’s apocalyptic.All the stores are boarded up, but it has to be that way.It’s a mess,” another New Yorker said.

Others say the real problem is a lack of leadership.

“I think the mayor and the governor need to leave,” one resident said.