Protestors Defy Trump's Threats To Use Military, Stay Out Past Curfew

Protestors across the U.S. are not letting the government keep them from expressing their feelings. Demonstrations continued late into last night in several cities despite government-imposed curfews meant to clear the streets.

Many people were still out in New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Denver and more. The gatherings – which were overwhelmingly peaceful – also went on even though President Trump threatened to get the military involved if violent protests didn't end.

As part of that, members of the National Guard are being credited with deescalating a major demonstration in Hollywood yesterday. A group of protesters were getting into a standoff with the Guardsmen, when several members joined them. They all took a knee and after a few moments, protesters and the National Guardsmen where seen hugging it out. The group then dispersed peacefully.

Source: Washington Post