Biden: We Must Promise All Americans They Are Equal

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is again addressing racial tensions as protestors continue to flood streets nationwide after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Both on social media and appearances, Biden is echoing the same notion: that the soul of this country "is at stake right now."

Along the way, he’s also taken issue with President Trump's trip to Saint John's Church yesterday. In a tweet, the presumptive Democratic nominee wrote that the president tear-gassed and used rubber bullets against peaceful protesters for a photo op.

He also pointed out the president is calling for the use of the American troops against it's own people. He finishes by saying "for the very soul of our country," Trump must be defeated in November.

On a relate note, look for Biden to make a speech about ongoing protests this morning. Biden's campaign says he'll speak to reporters in Philadelphia about "the civil unrest" communities face around the U.S.

Source: Politico