America On Fire As Troops Arrive Following Unruly Demonstrations

In just about every major metro in the country, there were protests to mark the murder of George Floyd, which took place one week ago now. And while the vast majority of the demonstrations were peaceful, there were a number of “hot zones” that succeeded in the National Guard being called out.

At press time, military boots were on the ground in 15 states and Washington DC. At least 25 cities are under curfew. What everyone can agree on? That hundreds of thousands of protestors have been taking to the streets this weekend – what’s in question? Who the violent agitators are.

Some officials say that the worst offenders were from outside the city or state where the worst riots and looting have occurred. And while a violent minority is doing their best to create full-blown chaos, the fact is that tens of thousands of America are peacefully pleading for peace and unity.

Source: ABC News