Trump Again Uses Twitter...To Rail Against Twitter

President Trump is threatening to strongly regulate or shut down social media platforms. As we told you yesterday, the President is a tad upset with Twitter – first upset that the platform fact-checked two of his tweets about the possibility of fraud in mail-in voting. He claims such a plan encourages voter fraud.

Later, Trump said that Republicans feel social media totally silences conservative voices and that they “will take action” before that can be allowed to happen. He said they “tried to do it in 2016, but failed” and demanded that social media clean up its act now.

He tweeted that "big action" was be coming against social media giants, though he didn’t elaborate – and now we know he’s promising to sign an executive order, though it’s not entirely clear what the text of that will be. What’s being described is an order that addresses complaints that the online platforms are deceiving people by picking and choosing what content to allow or block

Neither Twitter nor Facebook have responded to the President's remarks.

Source: New York Times