Crane Operator Blocks Sunbathers Sunlight

It’s little moments of joy that can help get you through a long shift at work on a hot sunny day. Especially if you're a crane operator who has to be hundreds of feet in the sky working by yourself.

A video posted on Twitter shows a crane operator and another co-worker has a good laugh at a man who was simply trying to catch some sun down below. It also shows the sunbather lounging on a pink towel on a patch of grass, with the operator moving his crane to block out the poor man’s sun. The co-worker, who filmed the video, can be heard laughing with the crane operator as they continued to watch the man pick up his towel and move to a sunny area on the grass, only to have to pick it up again and again as the crane kept moving to block the man's sun.

Social media enjoyed this video just as much as the construction workers did while filming it.