Trump Threatens To Move GOP Convention Out Of NC

President Trump is threatening to move the Republican National Convention away from Charlotte. Speaking on Twitter, the President went after North Carolina Democratic Governor Roy Cooper for being "unable to guarantee that by August we will be allowed full attendance in the Arena."

Trump demanded a quick answer on "whether or not the space will be allowed to be fully occupied." Trump said if full occupancy isn't allowed, the party "will be reluctantly forced" to find another place to hold the convention. It's currently scheduled to happen August 24th through the 27th.

For his part, Governor Cooper is maintaining a cautious approach on potentially holding the convention in Charlotte. A statement from the governor's office says "North Carolina is relying on data and science to protect our state's public health and safety." The statement adds there's work going on between the RNC and state health officials. Plans for the convention will be reviewed.

Source: White House