Andrew Lloyd Webber Talks About Putting Together A Covid Secure Theatre

Legendary Broadway music composer/producer Andrew Lloyd Webber called in from London to chat with WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning show today. They spoke about how he has been embracing social media and trying to figure out a way to make people feel safe when the theaters around the world open again.

Michael asked Webber when he thought Broadway would come back: “I just don’t think that we can all sit back on our hands and cry,” said Andrew. He discussed how his theater in the UK called The London Palladium is being turned into a Covid-secure theater. “We are going to demonstrate and share with everyone what we discover,” he said.

Later Len asked about Andrew embracing social media and what type of interactions he’s had with his fans. Webber said, “I’ve been posting from the little theater that some of my musicals first started in and getting the feeling that people like getting the inside stories about how things are created and why.”

To hear more with Andrew Lloyd Webber check out the podcast below!!

Photo Credit: Getty Images