Julie Andrews "Passionate About Being Advocates For Children's Literature"

Mary Poppins herself Julie Andrews called the Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning show along with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton to discuss their new podcast called Julie's Library, how they are doing while in quarantine, and if she ever watches her own movies. Len asked her if she was to catch one of her movies on TV does she sit and watch or change the channel "I have two reactions well that wasn't bad for that age or I wish i'd read that line better" said Julie. She went on to say how fortunate she was to be apart of the family movies and musicals because it made her life so pleasurable to.

Len asked them both why do a new podcast "We are both advocates for children's literature but it's something that have been doing together for over 20 years with writing books and working together", said Julie. Michael had asked how they are passing the time while in quarantine "Watching a lot of television and thank god for her garden" Julie responded.

Listen to the full interview with Julie Andrews below: