CDC Director Believes Country Ready To Reopen

The head of the CDC believes the U.S. is ready to reopen from coronavirus shutdowns. Director Robert Redfield tells “The Hill” that transmission of the respiratory illness is way down from where it was in February, March and even April.

Redfield maintains that the CDC is working to make sure states have the resources to conduct plenty of testing and contact tracing to contain problem areas. But it’s not all sunshine and roses – he acknowledged the challenges that will come as a potential second wave of the virus coincides with flu season. Meanwhile, President Trump is again defending his personal use of a controversial drug to help prevent the coronavirus. As we told you yesterday, Trump has confirmed he’s been taking the anti-malarial medication for about a week and a half. When pressed by reporters at a White House event about taking hydroxychloroquine, he argued that a "lot of doctors" are taking the medication. He called it an "extra line of defense" and said it has received "tremendous reviews.”

Source: The Hill