Trump Taking Anti-Malaria Drug He's Touted

President Trump has revealed that he’s been taking the anti-malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine for about a week-and-a-half. During a White House event, he offhandedly made the revelation – and reporters asked why, as he’s maintained he’s never been positive for coronavirus.

Well, he’s still negative and said that he got it simply because he’d heard a lot of good things about it and after talking to his doctor, decided he wanted it. As you likely know, Trump has long-promoted the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a drug he thinks can prevent the coronavirus.

Pressed about evidence the drug is effective in preventing the coronavirus, Trump said he “has received a lot of positive calls about it.” Something he didn’t address exactly? The fact that U.S. health officials have warned against taking the anti-malaria drug to prevent the coronavirus – and those that do try it, should only do so in a controlled hospital setting.

Source: White House