Mike Pompeo Was Being Investigated Over Saudi Arms Deal

And people thought looking into dog-walking was the reason State Department Inspector General (IG) Steve Linick was fired? As we told you yesterday, the abrupt firing of Linick was earning some GOP eye-rolls as it reportedly centered on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo using a staffer for personal errands...such as dog walking.

Now, it appears it could be something MUCH bigger. Turns out, that Pompeo’s alleged personal use of federal employees was only part of it. What was really going on – a look-see into Pompeo’s decision to approve a Saudi arms deal, which was against the will of Congress.

Sources on Capitol Hill believe that it was Linick’s investigations into the Saudi arms sale and Pompeo’s use of the political aide contributed to his sudden firing. What we know for sure? That President Trump sent a letter to Congress last on Friday evening...saying that the administration no longer had confidence in Linick. Now, House investigators are looking into the paper trail of Linick’s work – and the White House displeasure.

Source: NBC News