Joe Biden Appears On Town Hall With Stacey Abrams

A sign of things to come? Who knows, but when former Vice President – and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden took part in a virtual town hall on MSNBC last night? He was joined by Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams.

As you’ll recall, Abrams served in the Georgia House of Representatives for a decade before unsuccessfully running to become the state’s governor in 2018. More recently, she’s been rumored to be at the top of Biden’s list of potential running mates, which Biden has pledged will be a woman.

How she did in her ‘audition’ depends on your perspective, but let’s just say that she sure sounded like a candidate when talking about Biden’s campaign. “What we know is we have to not only rebuild America, but as Joe Biden said so eloquently, restore the soul of America,” Abrams offered. “Rebuilding our democracy means making sure we restore our soul and that we treat every citizen as valid and equally deserving of justice.”

Source: NBC News