Trump Declares New House Stimulus Plans DOA, Says Fauci Is Wrong

President Trump says there's no chance of passing a new coronavirus stimulus package proposed by House Democrats. In a White House meeting, Trump called the bill “dead on arrival.” As we told you yesterday, Democrats in the House have put forward a massive three-trillion-dollar plan that would boost coronavirus testing and help states cope with the fallout from the pandemic.

The problem for Trump? There are a number of proposals that have nothing to do with the nation’s recovery...including so-called “voting protections.” Trump also chided Democrats about that and said those parts of the measure are meant to make it difficult for Republicans to win.

But that’s not all that’s under Trump’s skin. He’s breaking with Dr. Anthony Fauci on reopening the country from coronavirus lockdowns. Trump said Fauci hopes to "play all sides of the equation" when it comes to reopening adding that a state "is not open if the schools aren't open.”

Source: White House