Trump Attorneys Have A “Supreme” Day In Court

President Trump's attorneys are trying to persuade the Supreme Court to keep his client's financial records hidden. As we’ve been telling you, there are two cases in play as the U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether President Trump has to turn over his tax records. In both cases, lower courts have ruled against the President.

The first case involves Democratic-led committees in Congress seeking financial records as they investigate if Trump wasn't telling the truth before he was President about his financial situation. Historically, candidates have always release their tax returns, Mr. Trump is the first to decline.

The second case centers on subpoenas brought forward by the Manhattan District Attorney against the President. At issue are the hush money payments given to two women and the investigation into whether any New York State laws were broken.

Speaking during oral arguments, President Trump's attorney Patrick Strawbridge called the House subpoenas "unprecedented." Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg mentioned that President Trump refused to turn over his tax returns unlike other presidents. Justice Sonia Sotomayor said there's a long history of Congress asking for records and receiving them from Presidents.

Arguing on behalf of the president with respect to the New York case, attorney Jay Sekulow said the President is himself a branch of government and should be immune from such snooping. Justice Sotomayor said she's not sure why the President should be given extra immunity for actions taken while a private citizen.

Source: The Hill