Dione Warwick: "It's A Day I'll Never Forget"

Legendary musician and Michael Riedel's favorite singer of all time, Dionne Warwick called into the Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning show today to discuss her song "That's What Friends Are For" being remade by Jawn Murry, how it came together, and how she is handling quarantine. Michael asked her what she thought of the new version of her song by Jawn Murry, "I loved it, it's so wonderful what's going with this song not only have they remade it. It's been done by Colleges all over the nation and lifting the spirits of people, she said."

Len asked her if she remembered the day she recorded the original "It's a day I'll never forget", said Dionne. Len also asked how long it took to get the song done "It took one take, we all knew what we wanted to to and just did it", she answered.

To find out how she is spending her days in quarantine check out the podcast below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images